Monday, 2 May 2016

The Baird NSW government stands condemned for dropping a rule requiring registered nurses in aged care

The NSW Labor has Opposition has rightly criticised the Baird Government for dropping a rule requiring registered nurses in aged care to be on duty 24-7 – saying it will affect the safety of nursing home residents and will clog the State’s over-stretched emergency departments.

On late-Friday afternoon (April 29), the Baird Government – in response to a NSW Parliamentary inquiry into the requirement that nursing homes in NSW must have a registered nurse on duty around the clock – confirmed that it was dropping the rule.

This was despite the parliamentary inquiry recommending the Baird Government retain the regulation.  Doctors, nurses, the Labor Opposition and various medical bodies as well as groups representing seniors and nursing home residents all demanded the regulation remain.

Shadow Health Minister Walt Secord said the Baird Government had put the commercial interests of nursing home operators ahead of patient safety.

Mr Secord said the Baird Government decision was “deplorable” and called on the Premier Mike Baird to reverse the decision by the NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner – which was confirmed on late Friday afternoon, and I agree with him.

Registered nurses are able to provide higher levels of pain relief and can dispense some medications and undertake certain procedures that other aged care workers are not allowed to; this prevents residents being sent to hospital prematurely.

Mr Secord said the parliamentary committee heard evidence that aged care facilities were taking nursing home residents to emergency departments when they did not have registered nurses on staff.

Mr Secord added that without the regulation, nursing home residents would have to wait hours or days for pain relief or wait to be transferred to hospital. He said:

"NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner owes it to older Australians to protect them by resisting commercial for-profit aged care providers who want to reduce oversight and protections like requiring registered nurses.”

"Sadly, the evidence of the parliamentary committee lined up in two disparate groups - those who wanted to protect nursing residents and those who wanted to protect the rivers of profit flowing into the pockets of commercial aged care providers."

“I am very disappointed the Baird Government has sided with commercial aged care providers over nursing home residents.”

“Having a registered nurse on duty also gives other nurses extra support, back-up and experience when it comes to making decisions involving the welfare of aged care residents.”

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

NSW Liberal Government’s WestConnex Fails Own Conditions of Approval

The State Government’s flawed WestConnex road project cannot meet the State Government’s own conditions of approval, and local Councils should commence legal action to prevent construction from proceeding.

What the State Government has done calls into question whether this project, mired in controversy since its inception, can continue in the face of a potentially devastating legal challenge.

I want all the local Councils in my electorate, that oppose this multi-billion dollar project to launch a legal challenge based on the State Government’s own imposed conditions of approval.

We can have all the high profile public protests, civil disobedience and street marches we want, but the way to actually stop this project is in the Land & Environment Court.”

The conditions laid out in the project approval by the Minister for Planning, Rob Stokes, on 20 April 2016 contained one condition, B.43, which, in effect, casts doubt on the future of the project.

I don’t know why the Minister imposed this condition but he did, and by putting his signature on the approval, he brings the entire project into question.

Condition B.43 requires that the project, on balance, be designed to improve traffic by:
"not adversely impacting on:
a) the performance of the road network for all road users, including but not limited to vehicles, freight, public transport and active transport and
b) existing access arrangements and services for all road users, including consideration of speed and reliability of public transport services.”

Given the scope and impact on local streets and roads by WestConnex, this condition will not, and cannot, be met. As the condition states that WestConnex should not adversely impact on the existing road network and on all road users, then the Government is suggesting, by its own conditions of approval, that there will be no impact.

A visit to Rabbi Dovid Slavin and Family

As Jews have been celebrating the 8 day festival of #‎Passover‬, I hope you had a wonderful Seder. The ‪#‎Seder‬ is a ritual performed by Jews who gather all generations of families and friends who retell of the story of the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt.

Just before Passover I visited inspirational Rabbi Dovid Slavin, from Our Big Kitchen  and his family at his home to see the magnificence of the decorations of his Seder table which I am sure was decorated by his charming wife Laya and his family. Thank you Rabbi Slavin for the gift of Shmurah Matzah for my Seder table

Mascot Central - a shining example on how to increase residential density adjacent to railway stations

I recently opened Meriton’s landmark development called Mascot Central. Mascot Central - Apartments & Shopping Mall nearing completion adjoins Mascot Train Station. Higher densities adjacent to railway stations that provide for quality residential amenity for families is one way to address the chronic housing shortage. The speech I gave at the opening is here:

Friday, 15 April 2016

Mascot RSL ANZAC Memorial March Sunday

It was a lovely morning today at sunny Mascot Station with cheery locals stopping by to say hello.
I took the opportunity to remind evryone that this Sunday, 17 April, of the Mascot RSL Sub-branch will hold its ‪#‎ANZAC‬ Memorial March and Service. The march leaves Baxter Rd at 2:15 pm and finishes at Memorial Park, on the corner of Botany Road and Coward Street for the wreath laying service. I would delighted if residents could join me. It is quite a sight to see Botany Road closed to traffice for the march. If you can't make the march join me at Mascot Memorial Park. 

Rosebery could soon have three bottleshops within 600 metres of each other

Rosebery could soon have three bottleshops within 600 metres of each other, including a Dan Murphy's. 

I have written to the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority to voice my concerns regarding the proposed application to relocate a packaged liquor licence to Botany Road, Rosebery, trading as a Dan Murphy's liquor outlet. In my letter I warned the Authority of the adverse implications to local amenity of having three bottleshops so close to one another. Particularly the potential proliferation of alcohol related anti social behaviour on residential streets and the popular Turruwul Park. 

You can read my submission on this link:

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Ron Hoenig Heffron Gazette

Heffron residents should have received my April 2016 Newsletter entitled Ron Hoenig Heffron Gazette. The Newsletter is available for download at